Ziltron Pro

Ziltron Pro is a performance, quality assurance and educational tool that tests knowledge in areas such as radiology, pathology, dermatology and endoscopy. Ziltron Pro is available in a multitude of access platforms including a web-based system, standalone PC and Mac applications, iPad, iPhone and Smart Phones.

Ziltron Reader

Ziltron Reader is a web only user software application available for access to public test sets



Web Based Access


Confidence Levels


Precise Location Selection

Access at anytime from anywhere. Use the system at a time and place that suits your needs.


Ziltron asks you how confident you are in your selection/diagnosis by selecting a number from a confidence scale. Your confidence levels are factored in to your results


The precise location(s) of your diagnosis can be selected and recorded on screen. Your results are saved and to compared to the expert diagnosis, which in turn is used to generate your performance report

Image Manipulation


Instant Results


Instant Feedback

Allows you to adjust and chose the best possible visual environment to increase the probability of an accurate diagnosis. These options include zooming, windowing, and image default reset to help replicate your working environment.


A results page is automatically generated giving you a detailed account of how you performed including a sophisticated statistical break-down of your performance including ROC and location sensitivity. Results can be printed, emailed, and shared.


Immediate feedback is one of the highlights allowing you to compare your selections against the truth in each case. Full zooming, windowing and navigation is available during feedback

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