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Ziltron uses advanced software applications to measure all elements of the user experience. This is not confined to comparing individual 2-D selections versus the truths, but also includes detailed data on the user’s interaction with the system during the test process.









Our unique solution can provide you with detailed visual representations of results to help you simplify your analysis. Visualization is available in several format including distribution graphs, heat maps, and location distribution


Ziltron test sets are optimised for web-based systems. Our quality pre-selection and review process ensures all test sets are validated, tested, and proven prior to being made available online.


Instant feedback and reports to make decisions quickly. See the report you want online, in real time. Analyse test sets and view performance distributions in real time

User Observation


Advanced Statistical Analysis


Precise Localization

The system monitors and measures Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools such as zooming, windowing, and image navigation. The application also records the duration of individual case selections and the overall test set. This detailed data enables administrators and researchers to evaluate very granular user observation statistics that can be used to improve the perceptual and diagnostic competence of professionals


Advanced software algorithms are used to analyse the data in real time, and provide detailed statistical and performance reports. User selections are processed and analysed in real time and a comprehensive set of statistical results are communicated back instantly to you upon completion of the test set. These results are based on statistical analysis important to digital imaging diagnosis


Ziltron’s expertise and insight into digital imaging diagnostics has led to design and development of a diagnostic selection process that can pre-select known and confirmed cases (known as Truths). The location of these truths can be selected on screen and the result saved to be used to compare to the your selection during test

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