Who are Ziltron?

Ziltron are leaders in the field of Diagnostic Performance Solutions.  Our US Office is based in San Diego and our Headquarters and  European office is based in Limerick, Ireland


What do Ziltron do?

Ziltron develop solutions and programs that improve the diagnostic capability, quality and performance of professionals whose work requires them to diagnose visual images.  Technology in medicine has focused on simplifying and/or removing important decisions medical experts need to make, but it has not removed the most critical element of the process, the medical expert’s decision.  Ziltron understand this and are developing solutions to help professionals make better decisions


What is Ziltron Director?

The Ziltron Director Management Suite is a web-based solution that puts you in total control of your CME, Quality Assurance and accreditation programs.  The management platform controls, monitoring and captures data points of all levels of user interaction and selections.   The Ziltron Director allows the administrator to adjust and set performance thresholds for test sets. Ziltron Director also facilitates Consensus Opinion both from a clinical and legal perspective


What is Ziltron Reader/Pro?

Ziltron Reader/Pro is a user interface that gives access to performance, quality assurance and educational tools that tests knowledge of medical experts in areas such as radiology, pathology, dermatology and endoscopy.  Ziltron Perform is available in a multitude of formats including a web-based system, standalone PC and Mac applications, iPad, iPhone and Smart Phones.


How Much does the software cost?

Our solutions span from web-based self test solutions, to accreditation and Quality Assurance solutions.  Pricing varies depending on customer requirements and the application.  Please contact Ziltron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Can this be integrated into my existing CME/CPD/QA programs?

Yes, Ziltron provides the platform and infrastructure to integrate into existing programs


Can you get CPD / Credits for completing these tests?

The Ziltron solution is adaptable to any CPD or CME program.  The system can be enabled to automatically issue credits upon successful completion of a program.


What are the applications for your software?

The Ziltron solution has many medical applications including:

  • Under Graduate Training
  • Self Test
  • Group Testing
  • CME
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accreditation
  • Certification
  • Research
  • Consensus Opinion


Are you DICOM compliant?

Yes, Ziltron currently accept DICOM images.  Our next version of software will have fully integrated DICOM support (our next software release is due in Q2 2012)


Are you HL7 compliant?

Yes, we will be HL7 compliant in our next software release in Q2 2012


What equipment is required?

All that is required is a computer, tablet or smart phone access to the internet and a Ziltron user profile.   Ziltron also integrates with Vendor specific workstations.


What Browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera


What do the results mean?

The results are the clearest and most accurate set of results available for radiologists today.  The results determine your ability to diagnose accurately.


What is Sensitivity?

How good you are at picking out the abnormal (for example, if the test-set is looking for cancers, this is how good you are at picking out cancers). This is the True Positive Fraction (TPF), i.e. the number of true positives divided by overall number of positives in the test-set.


What is Specificity?

How good you are at picking out the normal cases. This is the True Negative Fraction (TNF), i.e., the number of true negatives divided by the overall number of negatives


What is Receiver Operator Characteristic (ROC)?

If we plot a curve of the True Positive Fraction (TPF) Versus False Positive Fraction (FPF) and get the area under the curve, we get a much more accurate measure of your performance.


What is Localisation ROC?

With regular ROC we are looking at case-level performance. If we go one step further we would look at whether you also got the location correct. For example, you may call a case positive but actually get the location wrong. LROC takes all of this into account.


What is a True Positive

The number of positive cases you called positive.


What is a True Negative

The number of negative cases you called negative.


What is a False Positive

The number of negative cases you called positive.


What is a False Negative

The number of positive cases you called negative.


How are the results calculated?

The Ziltron system uses advanced statistical analysis to compute results in real time.


What resolutions does your system operate at?

Ziltron uses a standard web-based display system.


What/who are the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)?

The SAB has been put in place to ensure Ziltron are receiving the best guidance and advice in the areas of Radiology Education & Accreditation, and Advanced Statistical Analysis.
Our board members are leaders in these fields and all features, processes and statistical programs are reviewed with the SAB to ensure they are accurate and relevant to Ziltron customers 


What resolutions does your system operate at?

Ziltron uses a standard web-based display system.


Are the web images of diagnostic quality?

Yes, Ziltron uses a standard web-based display system.  We also liaise directly with institutional experts to ensure that all images are reviewed, approved and diagnosable prior to putting the images on the web.  In some cases, where institutions would like to run their own workstations, and the Ziltron system can be used in parallel to the existing work environment as a grading tool


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